Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm not the most popular person on the Coachella Board

boarderwoozel3: "I think I'm going to create my own shitty Blogspot blog and regurgitate what this board says a few days later. This person has nothing new to say. Adding Cryatal Castles as a possibility on Nov. 10? Way to go out on a limb... FAIL."

Dear boardwoozel3,

I don't regurgitate what the board says. According to your board, Outkast and Gorillaz are good possibilities for possible headliners. If I regurgitated the baseless wishes of your message board, I'd surely have those two on my list, correct? Is it true that I look into the various "these make sense" postings and see if they make sense because they're true? Yes, of course. My latest update should clarify the point of this blog moreso.

Monklish Jones

I will add and subtract from this as time progresses, when I stand corrected, when I find out that I've misunderstood information, or I've been lied to.

Band (Source of confirmation, rough percentage of certainty based on my feelings about my source)
A Place to Bury Strangers (personal source, 99%)
Bajofondo (personal source, 75%) -- no clue who this is, but personal source that I trust says it's true.
Boris (personal source, 50%)
Built to Spill (personal source, 75%)
Buraka Som Sistema (Goldenvoice blog, 99%)
Comedians of Comedy (personal source, 50%)
Crystal Castles (personal source, 99%)
David Byrne (personal source, 75%)
Deerhunter (personal source, 99%)
Eminem (rumored from personal source, 10%)
Evil Nine (personal source, 99%)
Far (rumored on Consequence of Sound, 25%)
Fleet Foxes (Coachella Message Board, 75%)
Franz Ferdinand (personal source, 99%)
Freebass (rumored from personal source, 10%)
Future Sound of London (rumored from personal source, 50%)
Gang Gang Dance (personal source, 75%)
Gui Boratto (personal source, 75%)
Jay Reatard (personal source, 75%)
Jedi Mind Tricks (rumored from personal source, 25%)
Jenny Lewis (rumored from personal source, 75%)
Lily Allen (personal source, 75%)
Los Campesinos (personal source, 99%)
Lykke Li (personal source, 75%)
Mogwai (personal source, 50%)
Mr Oizo (personal source, 75%)
N.A.S.A (according to MySpace, 75%)
Public Enemy (personal source, 75%)
The Faint (personal source, 50%)
The Mountain Goats (personal source, 50%)
The Presets (personal source, 99%)
The Prodigy (personal source, 75%)
Roni Size (personal source, 99%)
Simian Mobile Disco (personal source, 99%)
Social Distortion (personal source, 50%)
The Bloody Beetroots (personal source, 99%)
The Sword (personal source, 25%)
The Original Wailers featuring Junior Marvin, Wya Lindo & Al Anderson (personal source, 99%)
Tinariwen (Consequence of Sound, 75%)
TV on the Radio (personal source, 99%)
The Vaselines (rumored from personal source, 25%)
White Lies (Coachella Message Board, 75%)
Why? (personal source, 10%)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (personal source, 99%)

Reunion rumors:
The Avalanches (rumored from personal source, 50%)
Pavement (rumor of rumor of a....10%)
Screaming Trees (rumored from personal source, 25%)
Operation Ivy (Coachella Message Board, 10%)

My total guess for the possible headliners at the moment (this will change often):
David Byrne (personal source, 75%)--it's been said that he can't headline, though, by you internet people.
The White Stripes (no source, best gut guess says 25%)
Radiohead (no source, best gut guess says 25%)

My blog is based partially on fact, somewhat based on the same nonsensical obsession that we all seem to have. Feel free to count the number of errors I made when the lineup is released.

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Bort said...

David Byrne just added a date in Switzerland on April 17.