Monday, November 10, 2008


Built to Spill
Buraka Som Sistema according to "PaulT" from the Goldenvoice blog.
Comedians of Comedy
Crystal Castles
David Byrne (looking likely, don't know for certain, though)
Eminem (looking more and more like "no chance", couldn't care less either way)
Evil Nine
Franz Ferdinand
Freebass (probably not, afterall)
Future Sound of London
Gang Gang Dance
Jay Reatard
Jedi Mind Tricks (probably not, afterall)
Jenny Lewis
Lily Allen
Los Campesinos
Lykke Li
Mr Oizo (a perhaps non Ed Banger tag alongs, sounds like... *not Justice*)
N.A.S.A (according to MySpace)
Public Enemy (probably playing Nation...)
The Faint
The Mountain Goats (probably not, afterall)
The Presets
The Prodigy (apparently, they're in Europe and can only play Sunday, but I've heard that it's still a go)
Simian Mobile Disco
Social Distortion (doubt it, though)
The Bloody Beetroots
The Sword (doesn't make sense to me)
The Original Wailers featuring Junior Marvin, Wya Lindo & Al Anderson
TV on the Radio
White Lies (according to Consequence of Sound, but I've heard nothing)
Why? (probably not, afterall)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Reunion rumors:
The Avalanches
Pavement (sure...)
Screaming Trees
Operation Ivy (not my source, but just adding it to the rumors pile)

My total guess for the headliners at the moment (this will change often):
David Byrne
The White Stripes
Radiohead? I know I said no, but stranger things have happened.

As an aside, someone emailed to ask if I knew if Belle & Sebastian were playing. The answer: they're not, sorry. And if Future Sound of London do play as planned, it'll be one of their ISDN shows, yes.


Alex said...

Hi, this is Alex from CoS. I was wondering if you could delete our name after Far. We aren't reporting that at all.

Marcos Legaspi said...

Boris - nothing to say.
Built to Spill - nothing to say
Buraka Som Sistema according to
Comedians of Comedy - again? we need rock bands!
Crystal Castles - nice.
Deerhunter - not surprise.
Eminem - the real slim shady in main stage!? LOL
Evil Nine - nothing to say.
Franz Ferdinand - OKOKOK
Freebass - who?
Future Sound of London - boring
Gang Gang Dance - yijaaa
Jay Reatard - so so
Jenny Lewis - love her.
Lily Allen - not at Mojave again PLEASE.
Los Campesinos - yaaaaay!
Lykke Li - nice.
Mogwai - i'll cry.
Mr Oizo - X
Public Enemy (probably playing Nation...)
The Faint - so cool!
The Mountain Goats - will be good.
The Presets - my people!!!!!!!
The Prodigy - 17 hour of flying from Spain to L.A. Don't think so.
Simian Mobile Disco - AGAIN?
Social Distortion - I have my doubts
The Bloody Beetroots - ok.
The Sword - any sense
The Original Wailers featuring Junior Marvin, Wya Lindo & Al Anderson - who cares?
TV on the Radio - obviosly.
White Lies - I prefeer White Denim.
Why? - why Why?
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - or Karen O as singer.

Anonymous said...

I'll remove it, but you have "Hot Little Pony" on your site and they are the same band as "Far". "Hot Little Pony" was just a code name, or whatever.